10 April 2017
Stories about the impact of new thinkers, installed on the walls of KTN’s head office in Islington.

Michael Faraday (1791-1867)

“One of the greatest scientific discoverers of all time”

Today’s digital revolution owes much to Michael Faraday’s 1821 development of a motor using…

22 March 2016

Workshops with end users and service providers for an Internet of Things pilot took place at Camden Collective in London on March 9, 2016. The pilot, by the VITAL IoT consortium, explores how…

11 November 2015

Introducing 53 Spaces, the IoT-powered prototype app for smarter working

18 October 2015

Made You Look, a Look & Yes documentary by Paul O’Connor and Anthony Peters, offers a fascinating glimpse into the techniques and inspirations of a wide range of contemporary makers: artists,…

11 October 2015
Published in: Smart Cities Applications and Deployments V1 (VITAL Consortium), October 11, 2015

Driven by progress in mobile technology and by structural developments in advanced economies, working patterns are changing rapidly, with self-employed workers, startups and SMEs, but…

13 November 2014

Smarter working in Camden Town. Introduction to the VITAL IoT prototype in London.

16 August 2014

“Across the globe governments and municipalities are looking at the next generation of communication and information networks and how they can use this infrastructure to help build a smart city,”…

21 July 2014

The London partners of three international…

9 May 2013

This was my introduction to Close & Remote’s Secure Cities discussion at Deptford Lounge on 9 May 2013.

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